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How to actually enjoy your family Thanksgiving dinner

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Thanksgiving is upon us, with its family gathering (and lot’s of food), and it’s only the first out of numerous family dinners that are in line this holiday season.

Now, we all love our families, but let’s be honest here - family gatherings can be stressful, big time.

So, how can we go through Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays and not only remain friends with our siblings, but actually enjoy this special time?

Here’s some tips that you might find helpful:

Stay cool

Big dinners are often a good reason for everyone to be super stress, but most of the time, your family members will be stressed over other reasons than you. It can be the long commute, or providing dinner to a big crowd, or something that bothered them at work.

Remember, we often don’t really knows what people are going through in life. Remind yourself that at the end of the day, your love and respect these people, take a big breath and keep your cool.

Bring food

Even if your aunt told you “not to bring anything,'' don't come empty-handed. A nice bottle of wine, a home-made cookies or a big bowl of gravy, make sure to bring something that will help feed the people, as well as a small thank you gift to your hosts.

Be helpful

Yes, we know that all you want to do is eat in front of the TV, but don’t be that person! Offer help to make everyone feel more comfortable. It can be anything from setting the table, playing with your nephews or driving Gramma home after dinner. Just make sure to be hands on everything that might be needed.

Don't eat to much

The food is amazing, we know! But it’s actually a known fact that eating too much can make you tired, and being tired can make you very impatient to the people around you. The benefits of eating less? Leftovers!

Clean Before You Leave:

Holiday traveling can be a major hassle. Make sure to give some love to your apartment before you leave, that way you’ll come back to a clean place, and relax.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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