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Why all of us need to #buyless, right now

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

In recent years, the month of November has become this one hugh shopping event.

It all began with Black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving, when sellers traditionally announced about the beginning of all the special holidays sales. Than when online shopping has become more and more potent in our life, Cyber Monday was established, as a day when all big online retailers announce special sales and discounts for 24hs.

Now, the entire month of November is full of special discounts, sales, and “special opportunities” to buy anything and everything we didn’t even know we wanted.

Now, please don’t get us wrong - we love a good sale ourselves. There’s nothing better than finding the one products you’ve been saving for, in a great price.

But you see, here’s the difference - there’s buying what we need, or special treats we want. And then, there’s buying multiple products just because it’s on sale.

That’s where the problem begins.

Let’s think about the normal process of shopping: the customer is making a purchase. The retail is boxing the product and send it to the customer. End of sale.

But is it really the end? What happened before the purchase was made, during and after?

When the demand is high, the manufacturer needs to make more products. That means more working hours, more usage of electricity, hardware materials. More commute time. We need to use more boxing materials, more planes, more cheap working force to stay on demand.

We need more money. National debt is increasing.

We create so much waste, that we don’t know how to deal with it. And then, we have ourselves a house filled with things we don’t even need.

Shopping cost, and it cost so much more than money. It cost us in increasing the pollution, in more working hours and time away from our loved ones. It cost us in traffic, and in waste, and in addiction - because shopping can be addictive just as much as using drugs.

And we need to stop. Right now.

Let’s all just stop, and think for one minute. Really think.

Think about how hard we all work for our money. Do we really want to spend it on the 55th pair of shoes, or on a family vacation to Florida?

Think about our free time. Do we want to work overtime so we can pay or credit debt, or do we want to hang out with friends, or finally start training for a half marathon?

Think about storage space. Do we want our house to be all cluttered with stuff, or do we want it to be our clean, spacious safe haven at the end of a long day?

Think about the environment. Do we want to keep ignoring the news about the climate crisis, or do we want to take actions that will benefit our children?

We all know the answers to these questions, they are all deep within our hearts.

So this November, let’s all just #buyless. Let’s focus on what really matters,and that to create ourselves a happy and fulfilling life, not a house filled with cheap stuff.

#Buyless. Be happy.

Happy holidays.

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